Koi Disposable Indica Papaya Twist CBD/CBN 2g

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Brand: Koi
LS_COST: 12.6

Need a calm, tranquil night of deep, rejuvenating sleep? This disposable vape is perfect for your roughest nights or consistent sleep trouble. It is non-psychoactive/non-intoxicating but can cause drowsiness, which is exactly the goal of this blend.

Full Spectrum CBD has the balancing soothing, calming effects we've all come to know and love. But have you met CBN? CBN is related to CBD except it is much sleepier and helps regulate the timing of sleep cycles. While CBD can also do these things, CBN brings in a much more targeted effect for having a full night's rest.

This 2-gram disposable vape has a ceramic coil and a 250 mAH rechargeable battery. It has a preheat function and is activated when you draw,

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